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Magento is probably the most well-known solution for eCommerce in the current market. It is serving more than 2,40,000 stores currently. So it can assume Magento is just doing something good. You can build your dream market by using Magento only if you know a bit coding.

But using Magento's is not easy as hosted eCommerce software. This can be worse for the new eCommerce owner. For example, we found the interface incorporates a lot of specialized terms that will appear to be strange to a first-time client. The additional time you spend working out what they mean, the less time you spend culminating your store.

Magento is famous for its support. The community pfMagento users is very helpful to the new users. They will help you provide different types of guidelines.But expecting the same level of support like Shopify will not going to be a ideal thing.

As with Shopify and BigCommerce, you can buy topics remotely through Magento, while you can likewise get to an enormous choice of applications and modules. The key contrast with Magento is that you have to pay for your own facilitating. In any case, there's nothing more to it!

Since it's in the open space, Magento is allowed to utilize. This implies you just need to pay for facilitating, as opposed to a membership as you would with Shopify. Your costs will shift contingent upon which facilitating you pick.


Word press is probably the most popular platform in today's era. So its obvious you heard this name.

To turn a standard WordPress site into an eCommerce store, you need to use extra eCommerce solutions. The best of these is WooCommerce. If you're planning to turn your WordPress into an eCommerce store, you definitely need eCommerce solution.

Let's see how it works: First thing you need to do is to plug in woo-commerce into your WordPress site for eCommerce functionality. If you use WordPress and woo commerce you will get some added advantage. Those are-

Your store will be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. If your site is SEO friendly you will get more traffic to your site. If you get more traffic then there is a possibility to get more customers. You can also add some features like customize products, payment option etc.

If you design your site professionally then it will be optimized for all devices. So you will not lose any customers. All people using different devices can browse your site.

As far as we can tell, additional items that are remembered for Shopify and BigCommerce plans can get very expensive with WooCommerce. In case you're searching for another option, look at BigCommerce's WordPress module. This enables you to capitalize on BigCommerce's highlights alongside the opportunity of WordPress.


Easiest to use self-hosted software

OpenCart is another powerful source for an eCommercesolution.OpenCart is also similar to WordPress and Magento, it gives you full freedom to build your site and run your business online. You need to have a bit of technical knowledge to run it.

Let's put it in this way if you have no experience with coding and you don't have any interest to learn you should go for some other eCommerce solutions. By doing this you can save your time and stress.But if you knowledge about coding OpenCart could be the best solution for you.

OpenCart is also known as one of the simplest eCommerce solutions. If you know a little bit of coding you will get the best out of OpenCart. The interface is really simple and easy to use. You don't need to be a Harvard graduate programmer to upload products.