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We specialize in Web Maintenance
Building a website for your business is not the end it’s just the beginning. Your purpose may be the same as creating awareness or selling products but you cannot sit back. In today's world, things get changed so quickly. So having a website can't ensure the outcome of your objectives. We get surprised to see lots of well-designed website looks the same for years. But you need to remember potential customers only spend a few seconds on your website so if you cannot make a proper impression they will leave somewhere else. So maintenance of your website is equally important like making a website. Providing web maintenance service is a simple job. We will keep your website up to date, secure and bug-free. If you do the maintenance of your website it looks good and the user gets better experiences surfing it. We will also keep our eye on what's happening on your website. What is doing well for your business and what is not. This information will help you to take your decision. We have a dedicated web maintenance team that experienced providing this service. Currently, we have web maintenance clients from different parts of the world. If you require any kind of web maintenance services we here to help you.

From micrmaxsoft our goal is not just to build your website but our goal is to build your business. Building a smarter website that can bring glory to your business is the main concern for us. We always believe in customer satisfaction that's why we provide continues web maintenance service.

Our support plan is just a starting. We do more for you !

You just need to submit the order. One of our expert will analyse your website and get back to you with analysis report and successions about how to manage your website. You don’t need to provide any credit card information in time of ordering . After we analyse your website we will provide you link to subscribe.



Hour's of Maintenance

Updating website content

Optimising and updating images

Checking security status

Malware and virus scan

Updating website software

Fixing any issue with software

Providing analytics report.

Skype consulting

Onsite SEO

Maintaining social media activities

Keeping website database backup

Dedicated support person


tK. 2,500


3 Hours



tK. 1,500


5 Hours


1 Hour

1 Hour


tK. 3,000


10 Hours


2 Hour

2 Hour

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Website maintenance facts

Well maintained and quality website is as important as the product or service you offer.

Additional Hour’s can

be added to any


Maintenance doesn’t

include any design changes

or structural changes.

Maintenance doesn’t include

migration or conversion of your

website from one platform to another.

Maintenance doesn’t include

any previous error correction

with website platform.

Add new content includes

text, products, images

and video to existing pages.

WordPress Pricing Table

Benefits of using our packages

Well maintained and quality website is as important as the product or service you offer.

Website Updated

Your website will be always updated. It will display the latest information's to your customer.

Search Engine Friendly

Your website will be search engine friendly, will not have any broken links or contents.

Don’t Need to Spend Money

You don’t need to spend money to hire a full time employee to manage your website.

Don’t Need to Spend Valuable Hours

You don’t need to spend your valuable hours to do things which our experts can do in a while.

Our web maintenance services will empower your web identity !