Web Hosting

We ensure the most advanced hosting platform in Bangladesh.
In web design and development web hosting plays a crucial part. Considering this fact we from MicromaxSoft provide web hosting services. We ensure the most advanced hosting platform in Bangladesh. We are a USA based web hosting company providing hosting services in Bangladesh since 2008. We array our company with some unique features including Fast Dedicated & Virtual Servers, Secure Web Hosting & Business Email Hosting etc.

We provide following Hosting services:

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means your website will use a server that is used by other websites as well. The main advantage of this hosting is the cost. As it's shared by other people cost is also shared so ultimate cost becomes very low.

But there is some disadvantage as well one of the main disadvantages is that you're at the mercy of the other sites on your server. If a popular website uses the same server you're using then it can affect the performance of your site. But fortunately, if your website is the popular one than you can use the benefits.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a new hosting technology where hundreds of individual servers work together with it’s basically a giant server. The main advantage of this hosting is that it can grow and can also add different commodities to make it even larger.
The benefit of cloud-based web hosting is that on the off chance that you get an abnormally huge measure of site traffic the web facilitating plan can suit the flood of traffic. On the off chance that your site is developing and you're driving more traffic to your site, this is most likely the principal point you would update too from a mutual facilitating plan.

Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is known as a server which is rented one physical server from a hosting company. When you have a dedicated server that means you have full control over it.

The dedicated server ensures the stability of performance. No can make your site slow. The dedicated server is the most expensive server. It will cost a bit high compared to other servers. If your business is really doing well and you want your server to perform equally all the time then dedicated server is the best for you.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers share one physical server however act like numerous, separate servers. A VPS is a venturing stone between shared hosting and getting your very own committed machine. Despite the fact that each VPS case shares equipment assets, they are assigned a committed cut of the processing assets.

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